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Our Feathers

Our Mission

Exposing Fraud

From my days at CNN in the 90’s to passion projects throughout the decades since, Magic Feather Inc. has been trained to take a stand against fraud, corruption, and injustice.
Now is our time to shine.
John Davidson

The Elect

Over and over again we find social media has been infiltrated and thwarted by false ideologies and anti-American sentiment. The Elect is a new social media website that is designed to empower and encourage citizens of all nations to fight back against oppression and fraud.

Free Laguna

News, analysis and truth.  We believe cleaning up our country starts in our back yards.

Faith, Truth, Love

Working to bridge the gap and find a middle ground to save our nation.

Broken Truth

Broken Truth

What started as a collection of evidence led to a documentary series dedicated to hard truths.

Magic Feathers Corp.

A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing truth to light, even if it’s unpopular.

Our Story

There came a time in the past two years where it was obvious that the rural world I grew up in was under attack from the modern media world where I earned my living. Despite the relationships I had forged over two decades creating award winning marketing,  sponsored content, visual effects, and even co-producing a film, it was clear I needed to come forward and join the next generation of media, tech and journalism.

These projects are based on faith that we will do the right thing as a nation, but we have to fight for it. I hope that I inspire others to continue this work with me so that we may become an unstoppable force for good.